looking for snailmailers/penpals

Feel like starting with snailmail (again)?
Here are a few tips where you can find people to write with!

Wreck this Girl
Email your ad and Fab will put it on her (busy) blog. 

This is also a sort of snailmail, but you send postcards to people all over the world and you receive from other people all over the world too.

This is how I did it, a fun idea: I posted a general request if anyone wanted to snailmail with me on my Instagram and Twitter (or you can also post it on your blog and/or Facebook, whatever social media you use often). This was back in 2012 and I'm still writing with most of them.

And a few other websites:
> Hi Penpal
> Penpal World
> Penpal Penpal

Did I forget a way or website? Let me know by filling out the contact form (scroll down, on the right) and I will add it! I don't know that many international websites, so tips are welcome!