snailmail dictionary

Just a small reminder. I love snailmail, but am not an expert. This is how I understand/see it.

Abbreviation for envelope.

This is what I call it, this is not an official term. It refers to the extra's you put in the envelope. They can be handmade, bought, thrifted or vintage. Or whatever you like! There are no rules. They are also not required or have to be a certain amount.

Tape, made from (rice)paper with happy prints and cute colors. Most of the tapes are very writable and tear easy. Special tapes can be found in various webshops and on Etsy, but there's also lots of normal stores that sell them nowadays. Read more about the tapes in this blogpost.

The opinions vary. Some say this is snailmail, but I think they're different. Yes, it's pretty much the same, but this doesn't include the goodies. Just as snailmail, this can go on as long as you both like.

Literally 'pay it forward', but the term is used for creative pay it fowards. People post something like this image and make 5 things for 5 people. The 'catch' is that you have to do the same.

You can find a bunch of information on the website. But this is how I understand it. You exchange postcards with people all over the world. Every one has an individual code that you write on the card and that's how you can 'register' the cards on the website (to show you've received one). I am not sure, but I believe the website connects people, you can set your settings to what country you'd like to receive cards from. Exchanging cards is a one time thing, you exchange cards with some else every time.

Sending each other (handwritten) letters and including little goodies that can be handmade, bought, thrifted or vintage. This can continue as long as you both like.

Notebooks that travels from person to person and you all write something in it. They're usually theme-based. Like cooking/recipes, creative/inspiration, diary, etcetera. You first start by forming a group, these are the people that all start a notebook and exchange them. After you've all written in them you meet up (if possible) and look what the other ones wrote. This is a one time thing, unless you all agree to it, you only create one notebook.

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