(looking for) designers

For a little while I’ve been expanding the product range in the shop with lots of fun things from other designers. No nameless pencils, but directly from the designers, so super unique and fun!

It started with the postcards and stationery from Paper Stories and the sweet cards from Wendy de Boer. In the meantime Miriam Bos, Pipowagen aan Zee, Nikki DottiStudio Stift and Miss HoneyBird have joined in with their designs. I’m also planning to add the lovely neon/graphic products from Bl-ij, but I’m always looking for new things! At the moment I've only got Dutch designers, but international are welcome too!

So.. are you a designer and think that you’ve got products that might fit right in with the rest in the Snailmail Shop? Show me! Fill out the contact form (in the right column) and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How it works
I buy in a few of your designs (ready made, for example postcards, no digital designs) and then sell them in my shop. Depending on how they sell, I will be back to get more!

Free promotional thingies are also welcome! I give tuns of them with every order. But they have to be useful/fun, not just business cards. This is an open invitation, so even if you read this 3 months later, feel free to send me a message!

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