Sunday, 27 March 2016

366 project - update #10

We are pretty busy with the new colelction, but I've still managed to send a postcard every single day to someone, somewhere in the world. And the most important thing is, I still like it :)

Please find another overview below of the cards I've send in the last couple of days...

Send to: Desiree from Eindhoven, Netherlands

Send to: Elfried from Kittlitz, Germany

Send to: Esther from Uitgeest, Netherlands

Send to: Veerle from Sint Katelijne Waver, Belgium

Send to: Wilma from Alkmaar, Netherlands

Send to: Lori from Hemet, California USA

Send to: Jessica from Monnickendam, Netherlands

Send to: Maria from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Send to: Jenny from Starwoord in the state Washington USA

Send to: Vicki from Glasgow, Scotland

Send to: Condy from Emmen, Netherlands

Send to: Melanie from Nieuwleusen, Netherlands

Send to: Annette from St. Helens, TasmaniĆ«, AustraliĆ« 
(so cooooool!!, all the way to Tasmaniƫ)

Send to: Martine from Nieuwerbrug, Netherlands

And I've received a couple back too 
Received from Milee uit Winter Springs Florida, USA

Received from Henny from Venlo, Netherlands

Received from Desiree from Eindhoven, Netherlands

Received from Wilma from Alkmaar, Netherlands

Received from Veerle from Sint Katelijne Waver, Belgium

Received from Janin from Gescher, Germany

Received from Imke from Eindhoven, Netherlands

I can still use some addressess to make my project successful. In case you also want to received one of the 366 cards, please send your address to!

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