Monday, 29 February 2016

366 project - update #8

Wow, today postcard 60 already left my house... please find the card which I send allover the world last week. I've been sending a card every day for the last 2 month now, and I still love to do it! In the meantime I can still use some more addresses so, in case you are not on my list yet, please send me your address and receive one of the 366 cards this year.

this card has been send to Joshua who is 5 years old and I received his address from his mother Thelma

for Jennifer from Florida, USA

for Lieze from Mol, Belgium

for Mandy from Veenendaal, The Netherlands

for Angela from Scotland

for Katja from Koersel, Belgium

for Mirjam from Nieuw Weerdinge, the Netherlands

And the cards below I've received last week from Jose and Kristin, Thanks!

In case you also want to received one of the 366 cards, please send your address to

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