Saturday, 17 January 2015

Postcard design contest

We are working on some new postcards for a while now, and came up with quite some nice ideas. We are busy making designs..

But.. How awesome would it be if you could send in your own postcard design, and have the chance to win your design as a real postcard. And not just 1, but around 25, which you can send to your friends and family. 

We think it's an amazing idea! What about you?

So, get your pencils and a piece of paper and start drawing, quoting, doodling, use (your own) photos), whatever you like, and make your most marvellous design (please bear copyrights in mind).

Scan your design en send it to before February 14, 2015, your name and email address included.

(You can send in more than 1 design if you want!)

As from February 15 we will post all the designs received on instagram and facebook and until March 1 everyone can vote on the designs. Every like, is one vote. And of course you can vote on your own design, and share the post to gain more votes and increase the chance of winning. 

On March 5 we will announce the winner! 

We wish all of you good luck and are very curious to see your creations.

Note: by participating this competition you automatically give us permission to use your imagery on our social media. 

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