Saturday, 31 January 2015

My new and nice way to store my washi-tapes

I've been struggling with the storage of my washi-tapes for a while now. The pile of tapes is growing and storage in the large plastic bowl is not very handy. What happens is, that I will only use the top of tapes and it's hard to grab the tapes all the way at the bottom. 

A couple of weeks ago I've place a post on Facebook to ask people how they store their washi and I got a lot of ideas. Besides that I checked Pinterest for inspiration. Well, there are plenty of ideas, but which one works best?

Below you can see some inspiration of Pinterest:

If you want to take a look yourself, I searched for "washi-tape" and "storage".

In the end I decided to buy a cutlery tray at Ikea and I'm very happy with it!
Everything is stored very organized now and I've place the tray at the end of my desk. You can also easily take the entire tray to another place in the house.

And this way of storage has another advantage... there is still place left for more tapes :)


  1. I just made a new "box" for mine (they were in a mess before this).
    And what do you know, they fit just right? It just means I can't buy any new ones until I've used the old. :P
    (towards the end of the post)

    1. Looks good, I really love the Moomin paper though! Used to watch the Moomins on tv with my daugther ;)