Sunday, 28 December 2014

Busy, busy, busy

I think I need to start by making a large apology... I have really been neglected you lately.

But I think I have a bit of an excuse. From October, it was a little hectic around here. Before I can tell you about today's hectic time, I want to tell you a piece of "history" ...

How it all started
As you may know, it was kind of necessary to start my first online shop ( 2.5 years ago I lost my job due to a reorganization. After 17 years with the same employer I was suddenly unemployed for the first time in my life. One day I was working and the next day I was at home and I felt terrible. Despite the fact that everyone said, well, you will find another job real soon, I didn’t. Thanks to the crisis. I applied to each and every opportunity, was invited to a couple of job interviews, but unfortunately I did not find a job.

Every day at home, no contact with colleagues (with one or two exceptions, despite everyone promised to keep in touch), no responsibilities and no salary at the end of the month. I did not like it at all and since I'm quite impatient and do not like to sit still, I was sick of sitting at home pretty soon. Of course you can think of all kind of things to do at home, but if you face a jobless, not to forget no-income future, it's all a little less relaxed and fun. So I wanted to do something meaningful ...

Make a professions out of your hobby
As one of my hobbies is cooking, I love good food, my mind quickly went that way. Unfortunately, there was still the crisis in the Netherlands and my budget was limited. And when a shop in our town became available I started (day)dreaming about my own shop. However a real shop was totally impossible. Yet that though was playing in my mind all the time, it would surely be very cool to have my own shop with the coolest products. I pictured myself standing behind the counter ...

After some googling on the web one day, I found out that building your own webshop, with the right software, would absolutely be feasible for me. I do have an IT background and building a webshop would be something I could manage to do. At that moment I came in contact with someone who gives advice and training to (starting) webshop owners and after a conversation with her I was more determined than ever to realize this plan. But one step at the time, I thought back then.

In the meantime it was February 2013 and I began to "slowly" orientate. What do I want to sell, and what not, where can I buy my products and how will this go? There were more questions every day and sometimes I wanted a little too much too fast. To purchase my products I had to apply for a Chamber of Commerce number. So, on February 22, 2013 I registered myself and my store. When I drove home, I really like, "Yes! I am an entrepreneur." I felt so good :).

Read further in tomorrow’s blog ...

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