Sunday, 28 December 2014

Busy, busy, busy! – part 4

In my last blog posts I told you about how it all started, read the last episode in the series of four ...

Applying for a job
Meanwhile, I have not been idle in the applying-for-a-job area either and have been applying for jobs all the time. A paid job is this still necessary. But I lost count of the amount of letters I wrote and how often I was invited, but I did not succeed to find a job. Until October, I was suddenly invited for interviews more than ever and suddenly tings appeared to go in the right direction. After receiving so many rejections it felt good for a change. Although yet another rejection in October was hitting me harder than I could handling at that time. It appeared that everything that happened in the last 2,5 years, was harder for me than I ever admitted.

Luckily for me, I had a job interview again soon and this time it clicked after 5 minutes, during the interview I was already invited for a second interview (with other people) and a week later I was hired! I was really super happy, but there was one drawback, it was a job for 40 hours. And for me that is quite a lot. The last time I worked 40 hours before, I didn’t have two children, two dogs and two shops. But anyway I started working mid-November and in the beginning that was really super busy. The orders sent went fine, but the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were equally at a low level. Everything must find a rhythm and I believe I am quit there now. Although these two weeks with the holidays everything seems to be different anyway.

Busy, busy, busy
Thus, I also had as little time and energy for the web shops, just in the busiest time of the year. In late November, we have still been on the Weekend Market "Van onze tafel" and that was a great success.

I expect that as of January everything will go a bit smoother. It will be a busy year, but with a tight schedule should do the trick!

From now on I'm going to really do my best to regularly put something on the blog. Although I never do good intentions in the new year (why wait until January 1?), this is my new plan for 2015!

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