Sunday, 28 December 2014

Busy, busy, busy! – part 3

In my previous blog I told you about how it all started, find out what happened next…

The Snailmailshop
In January 2014 I found out that Snailmailshop was for sale. I had once seen something of the Snailmailshop in the magazine of Molly makes and in Flow magazine and I really liked this concept. When I saw that the store was on sale, I though about it for a minute and contacted Anke, the owner and founder. After some mailing back and forth and a few skype session, we had a deal. We then made an appointment, and on March 10, 2014 was the day of transmission. My daughter and I were on our way to Heerlen to collect and arrange the official handover of all stock.

That night, my daughter and I had a wonderful night, unpacking and viewing all items. There are such nice products. 

Suddenly I was the owner of two online shops (although one is partly owned by my daughter), but it still felt very good. Excited we started to count all stock and update the shop and as fast as we could, we reopened the Snailmailshop. The reactions were very positive and due to the fact that the Snailmailshop also has an Etsy shop, we suddenly had international customers. Again a new experience.

Expanding our product range
Soon we wanted to expand our product range. We have added the marvelous stamps of Miss Honeybird quickly and soon began designing new stationery ourselves. Since neither of us has a graphical background we started cautiously, but the comments on Facebook and Instagram were positive. Meanwhile, we also designed a set of postcards and everything sells quite well. We are still full of plans for the future.

Read further in tomorrow’s blog ...

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