Sunday, 28 December 2014

Busy, busy, busy! – part 2

In my previous blog I told you about how it all started, find out what happened next…

My shop needed to be better than all the others!
But then really started. I had a reasonable idea of how I wanted the store to be like, I am a frequent webshopper and some things in the existing stores annoy me often. For my store I only wanted. I want a beautiful and plain shop, with nice pictures of all the products and the products in the shop need to be delivered quickly. Not a few days or weeks later, or worse if you’ve finally find a certain product in an online shop, you find out that the product is no longer available. In my store all products are displayed properly, and everything in the shop should be in stock.

I started with the design of the shop. A former colleague has designed the house style for me and when I had applied in the shop it started to look like a real webshop. Then I started buying articles. Every article must be photographed properly from all ankles. The photos must be edited and with a white background and the best possible quality. I'm a reasonable hobby photographer, but this is very different. I do not know how many times I have photographed the same products over and over,

I’ve learned so much in the meantime, because as a sole proprietor, you have to do everything yourself, outsourcing is simply to expensive, with the limited budget I have.

Online at last
Somewere in the summer of 2013, I put the shop online, accessible to everyone. I did send out an email to my family and friends. The announcement of the opening of the store gave a lot of nice and positive reactions and also some tips. I can still remember that I had just sent out the email, when the first order came in. An order from someone I did not know, at first I thought someone was fooling me. I really could not believe that the first order was a fact. I was happy as a child!

On August 1, 2013, ALL4KITCHEN officially opened his “doors”. Including a real press release. From then sales have grown steadily, but unfortunately it does not go as fast as I was hoping. Ideally you want your store to be profitable immediately, but that of course is impossible. It seems to take at least 3 to 5 years before that can happen anyway. So I have to be patient. Fortunately, I can see that sales grows each month, sometimes one month more than the other, but so far every next month is better than the previous.

The most difficult thing is how to get customers to the store. A for me new era started, marketing .... And I still find this pretty difficult. I am now on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter. Additionally the webshop has been posted several (paper)magazines. That is so cool!

Meanwhile, so much has happened, I've been on a few markets and the "highlight" Last year was my very own pop-up store in Amsterdam in December.

Read further in tomorrow’s blog ...

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