Monday, 20 October 2014

Christmas is still far away, or not...

Today our autumn break is already over here in this area, the kids are back to school and the peace and quiet has returned to the house. Of course it is very nice when they are here all day. Only my work suffers a little than  :)

Although it will take a while, but before you know it is Christmas. 66 more days and then it's Christmas time again. Therefore, it is high time for me to start thinking of and making products for the store for this wonderful time of the year.

My daughter and I worked together the site of yesterday. Did you already had a look at our "new" site? Here we publish an overview of everything that we've created so far and sell in our shops. It is becoming more and more and I think it looks great.

It's so fun working with your daughter :) and creating nice stuff. 
I've also been busy yesterday with tags for Christmas and Laura has worked hard on A4 posters which we will also start selling soon.
Christmas tags

sneak preview A4 posters

Today, all by my lonesome, I decided to work on the fabric postage stamps and fabrics envelopes for Christmas. I think they worked out so well, I almost want them to keep all to myself...

Christmas postage stamps

little fabric envelope

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