Friday, 19 September 2014

Visiting the local Hema store

The other day my daughter was at Hema (a department store) and was super sweet to bring me fun , figure-tape.

But when I went myself yesterday to the Hema, I saw what a great new products they have added to the range. I believe that I will try to get a kind of Hema-ban for myself, because my wallet is empty now :(

However I did buy some incredible cool products, for example these 2 packets of sticky notes:

And the beautiful box with a snailmailset I could not pass up. The box is filled with 5 postalcards with envelopes, 5 small cards with little envelopes, 15 sheets of writing paper with kraft envelopes and 5 gift tags with strings. The box is sturdy and you can use the box to save your snailmailstuff, even if the original content is used.

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