Thursday, 25 September 2014

September snailmail-me month (update)

I am so happy, a few weeks ago I posted a call on this blog to send me a nice snailmail. Well I have received some nice reaction to the blog and also on Facebook, but then it remained very quiet ....

And then I started to worry a bit :(  Every day I "ran" to the mailbox to see if there was a nice envelope of a unknown sender. Unfortunately, nothing yet. Until yesterday!

I was sooo excited, in my mailbox there was a snailmail for me from this “stranger” from Belgium. Yes, a person who wants to send me something. Maybe I'm just impatient and is there even more to come, but anyway I am very happy with your snailmail, Nele!

Below a picture of her sweet snailmail.

Let's hope there are more to follow. There are a couple of days left in the September snailmail-month and I invite everyone (again) to send me a nice snailmail.

And this weekend I will make a good  snailmail to send out to Nele!

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