Friday, 26 September 2014

Our very own brand

Since I took over the Snailmailshop in March, my daughter is drawing and designing enthusiasticly and also made me pick up my pencils again. She was the initiator of the Cities of the world stationery sets with matching sticker sheets and we have been working on that together with lots of fun. 

It is so nice to receive the designs back from the printer and to place everything in the shop. And at that moment it becomes even more exciting, how will the new products be received? In the meantime, we have received many positive reactions on social media and the first sets have been sold. 

Time for step two, the postcards. We want to make fun postcards that can be used for all kinds of occasions. We do have plenty ideas, now we only need to find the time to work everything out. But if we can sit down together, just like last weekend, then we are going very fast all of a sudden. All designs of the past few weeks have been reviewed, choices were made and we made some adjustments here and there. 

And the results after a day of hard work: 12 super cute cards! 

Meanwhile, we are also working hard on a real "brand", complete with its own website, a Facebook page and even more new ideas. 

You are invited to view our site and to like us on Facebook.

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