Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Who is that new owner of the Snailmailshop?

Hi all, a month has passed already since I am the new owner of the amazing Snailmailshop! At the beginning I promised you all that I would introduce myself properly, however the start was pretty hectic! Now that the dust has settled down a bit, I thought this might be a good time to tell you a little more about myself.

As you may have read before, my name is Marion Steveninck , I’m married and live together with my husband, two children (a son aged 8 and a daughter aged 17) and our two dogs in Monnickendam  in the Netherlands. Monnickendam is a small town just north of Amsterdam.

As of August 2013 I’m the proud owner of another webshop: ALL4KITCHEN. This is a webshop with special kitchen items for all ages with a focus on Mediterranean cuisine, Spanish tapas, delicious Italian pasta and cooking together with your family and/or friends. Making and decorating cakes or baking cookies with the kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon. But most of all enjoy!

Originally I’m not a entrepreneur , I have always been employed at various companies, but mostly at Bose in various positions, but doing everything yourself and finding things out, gives me a great feeling every time. Because everything is new, it sometimes takes more time, but I'm learning so much every day!

When I learned early this year that the Snailmailshop was up for sale, I immediately was interested. I had seen the concept before in “Molly makes” and it was very appealing to me. What also helped was an very enthusiastic daughter. She immediately began to brainstorm about what other products we could sell and she even started designing stationery and stickers immediately.
After several conversations via email and Skype with Anke , I made the decision to buy the Snailmailshop. Early March I picked up the stock and a few days later, my second store was open.

The first orders came right in and I was pleasantly surprised that we have customers from all over the world! I wasn’t used to that as the clients for ALL4KITCHEN all live in the Netherlands, except a couple who live in Belgium ;)

My creativity was also stimulated immediately , I used to draw a lot more in my early years , but nowadays I didn’t so much (lack of time maybe). Currently I’m sitting at the dinner table with my daughter and draw doodles for the new stationery we hope to have in de store soon. Please find a sneak preview below ;)

In my spare time (which I do not have that much), I love to cross stitch, crochet and knit and I really like to work with the finest fabrics to ensemble beautiful quilts. Of course I love to spend a lot of time with my family and I enjoy cooking together with my husband and daughter while my son plays around us in the kitchen. Although my son is increasingly a helping hand when preparing our meals.

I hope you got to know me a little better now, and who knows, we "meet" virtually in the future.

Anyway I think the Snailmailshop is a very very nice shop and I enjoy packing the orders. I try to make each package a party, so that the customers are surprised when unpacking each time.

Hope to see you soon in the shop!



  1. Good luck with the shop! How exciting and I will definitely be a customer!

  2. This looks GREAT!!! Congratulations...I will be shopping soon1