Thursday, 10 April 2014

New workspace

Since I am drawing more and more and since I am gathering all kind of stuff around me, it is time for a larger and dedicated workspace ;) I'm not happy with the fact that I need to clean up everything before every meal as I occupy the entire dining table.Last Sunday my husband came up with the great idea to put a second " dining table" in the room. Oh I really love my husband <3 Luckily we have enough space downstairs and it's just a matter of moving around some furniture and fabricating a new table . I love to make changes in my house :) 

From the moment my husband did that suggestion my brains started working overtime and thinking about all possibilities. Even at night, when I'm supposed to be sleeping. And that is quite difficult, because you can't measure right away and see whether the thoughts in your head are possible.Anyway, right now I'm quite busy, because this Saturday I will attend a sort of fair in Purmerend with my other store and I still have to prepare a thing or two. What I've already did was buying a gorgeous vintage crate box on eBay in which I can put all my drawing supplies and other useful stuff. The crate was delivered yesterday and I think it's totally awesome.


So far , next week I'll continue with the changes in the house and I will keep you informed ...

with love, 

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