Saturday, 22 March 2014

It's spring!

The sun is shining so nicely on my desk at the moment (in between the rain) and spring has started last week. That's why I suddenly wanted to give away something. 

I will send out two Snailmail magazines for free; one for you and one for someone that you believe deserves something nice. You can choose whether you want to receive the first or second edition of the magazine and you can also choose the language (Dutch or English). Perhaps you can surprise a pen pal from another country  

Write down the name of the one you think deserves something fun and why in the comments box. The winner will be the most funny and original response. The promotion runs until April 1, 2014. The winner will be announces in the first week of April.


  1. Oh, the Snailmail magazines are so much fun! I love everything in your shop.
    If anyone deserves something fun, it's my friend, Izzy! She's busy with school and she works very hard, but she's still totally dedicated to sending out letters and notes to friends.
    We live only a few streets away from each other, but we still send each other mail!

  2. I love your blog and your shop is so much fun! My friend Audrianne really deserves fun right now! She just found out she is pregnant and her and her dog have morning sickness...he's male, lol! :-D And here I was many states away, and with a stomach bug! We are both a mess, we need some fun, ha ha! :-D