Monday, 25 November 2013


With the preparations of the Flavourites fair I came across this mailbag-fabric. It's based on the old fashioned mailbags they used to use in the Netherlands. Unfortunately they have become quite popular and are often very expensive or just not available, so this fabric is a perfect solution. I wanted a pillow made of this, but let's just say the sewing machine and I are not friends. Via Instagram several people offered to help me (so sweet, thanks!) and eventually Angélique (from lieQe < dutch shop) created an awesome pillow for me.

From that moment on I've been thinking about doing something with the fabric. A sewn product (by Angélique) for the shop. But what? I'd like to have a snailmail-related function, but my ideas go as far as a pencil case, but that's it. So my question to you, what do you think?

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