Monday, 16 September 2013


Buttons are fun to craft with! You can buy them in various colors, sizes and shapes. I created a few ideas for you guys, you can try too. I used old christmascards I wasn't going to send anymore (recycling tip! ;))

Draw (simple) illustrations and finish them with one of several buttons.

Round buttons are also nice O's, so you can also write with them. For example a name or HELLO, FOR YOU, HOW ARE YOU, and so on.

Also nice: craft a card with pictures, tape and anything you have in your home. With buttons you can create a border. Also fun to do it around a picture, like a picture frame.

This was a nice idea, but didn't really work (used the wrong paint). Glue a few buttons randomly o a card and then paint everything in 1 color.

And last, but not least: fill the whole card with buttons! Make sure the card is heavy cardboard, because it'll become quite heavy. Also nice: glue a few buttons on top of each other, from large to small.

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