Wednesday, 28 August 2013


While I'm busy finding artists for the Pretty in Pink planner, I'm also working on the Snailmail planner (talk about multitasking!). Today I designed a week spread that makes me happy. What do you guys think?

The planner will be bilingual (English and Dutch), so it will be suitable for everyone. Every week has lots of room to write (planner is A5) and there's also space for random thoughts and things you can't forget. The planner has no dates, so you can start using it whenever you like. The snail illustration will vary and of course: like you know of the snailmail designs, completely black and white. In the back there will be a bunch of snailmail-related pages, but I'm still working on those.

I've edited the week pages, so there's more room for the weekend (because we all want that!). I've created address pages (± 25) and schedules to keep track of your snailmail (when you send received what ± 150). All 53 week pages have different illustrations. I still need to do the first pages, for personal information, but there's still room for more. What else would you like to see in the snailmail planner?

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