Sunday, 14 July 2013


Sweet Nelly had a superfun diy-idea and wrote a blog-post about it for us, enjoy!

Hi there lovely snailmailers. I’m Nelly normally you can find me over at my blog, Brown Girl Decorating. Today I have a short and fun craft idea for you guys. This one is a nice and easy one to use up your crafting scraps.

This is what you will need. Stickers and label maker are optional.

I bought a few rolls (yes really just a few, NOT) of masking tape at the Wibra and they came with the little carton thing as backing in the package. I used this as the basis for my label. One side was nice enough but the other side could use a little love.

I shortened the carton en glued pretty craft paper to the back. Punch a new whole and use some nice colorful twine and tadaa, a lovely gift label. Or use as a bookmark.

Have a lovely day, Nelly

Do you have a great tip of diy? Email me the idea (or fill out the contact form) and we can see together if it's fun to post it on the blog!

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