Friday, 3 May 2013


Yesterday I still got a lot of envelopes and even though I didn't get them in April, they're still definitely April Snailmail. They can't help it that the postal service took a little longer!

The first lovely package was made by Melanie (from Schijndel). She made a 'fun with washi tape' themed-snailmail and since it's my current addiction, I absolutely loved it! :)

The next one is from Barbara aka Bimba Gru (from Italy). Check out that supercute stationery and envelope! I love, love, loved it! :) The Emily Strange card made me grin. On the front it says 'Emily doesn't change, she's always strange' and on the back 'STRANGE CARD, this card entitles you to be strange.'

The next on is by Sanne (from Ouderkerk a/d IJssel). She used stationery and the form from the first Snailmail Magazine, which was really fun to see. On the back of the beautiful card, she taped two lovely teas.

And last.. but certainly not least, a beautiful snailmail by Chanou aka Gnoe (from Utrecht). She wrote her letter in the cherryblossom garden in the Amsterdamse Bos, celebrating Hanami. In the red little square she included some blossom, which I totally loved! She shared this special moment with me, I love that idea! She also give me an awesome present: a plastic totebag with illustrations of old Dutch stamps. No worries Chanou, I didn't have it yet (but I did have my eye on it for a while!) :)

Today I received a ridiculously large snailmail from Maureen aka Vampyre Queen, I'll post the pictures tomorrow!

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