Monday, 6 May 2013


So I’m slowly starting with the second issue of the snailmail magazine.

The stamp magazine was not the 2nd, but a special edition. There will be more special editions in the future, with different themes (there’s already a little plan to collaborate with Alfabetsy for one about letters).

I have tuns of ideas and am very inspired by the april snailmail, lovely finds at Pinterest, your feedback and of course the normal received + send snailmail. I think it would be fun to include more people: together we can create something awesome! Do I have a question for you guys:

Do you create nice things that might be suitable for the magazine, did you see something or do you know someone who create cool things. Let me know! It can be anything: stationery, tutorials, printables, creative ideas, whatever!

It can also be just an idea, it doesn’t have to a ready made picture or text! And if you’re not sure if it’s suitable (of good enough), just send it to me. Let me be the judge :)

The only ‘requirement’ I have is that is has to be handmade and black ‘n white.
Of course you will get credit! If I use your idea, I will include your name.
Send me an email at ankepankedesign [gmail]

Thanks for you help/thoughts!

> NikkiDotti: Sheet of (address)stickers, origami tutorial of a snail.

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