Monday, 1 April 2013


Today I've counted the votes. I've received them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and the blog. Thank you all so much for your opinion, it really helped! These are the 10 most popular pattern designs (in no specific order) and will get a spot in the I ♥ patterns-booklet! Soon available in the shop as a booklet + printable.

> Having tea with me - Anne Copier
> Futuristic - Dasvini Subash
> Forest - Bimba Gru
> Crafty Goods - Fran T
> Creative - Tante Jannie (Femke)
> Veggies - Mieke Jenneskens
> Deer + Fox - Nikki Dotti
> Dutch Houses - Maaike Schimmel
> Summertime - Wendy Schumacher
> Spring Birdies - Jill Howarth

Because there were so many awesome patterns and a few of my favorites didn't end up in the top 10, I've decided to still add them in the booklet and just scrap a few of my own designs. These are the ones:

> Lots of Hearts - Moniek Dollekens
> Autumn - Fab
> Kitties - Stephanie Phua

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  1. Thanks again Anke! I'm sure it's going to be an amazing booklet!! :)