Thursday, 18 April 2013


Book Review 'Kind Regards'
by Liz Williams
Review by Yoshi

The first part of the book is general information, interesting to read, but not too thrilling for me. Still it's kept short and well structured, so that you get the main information without being bored. The second part is the most useful part and I nearly started highlighting some parts, for there are awesome advices and the most important letterquette rules that you'll ever need. I enjoyed this part a lot and felt like writing thousands of thank you letters afterwards.

The third part is the most interesting one. There are so many examples of letters from the past that make you laugh, cry, grin and show just perfectly how important letters were to many people, as well as how many different forms of letters there are. There are also some letter writing advices hidden in this chapter, like how to write a love letter. I so much enjoyed reading this chapter, no, reading the whole book, that I will definitely read it again! Also I think I will highlight some of the advices and use the book as a sort of manual whenever I need it. So do I recommend this book? Totally! It is interesting, useful, written in a lovely way and well structured so that you don't get lost in all these letters and informations you get. And the cover is so beautiful ^-^ This book is totally worth its money and the time spend reading!

So go grab yourself a copy or borrow it from someone. I'm sure you'll like it :)

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