Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Yesterday I was a lucky girl! I received to amazing snailmails from my sweet friends Janita and Irene. Janita always created the most amazing things. Perhaps you remember the last time: a crazy awesome folder with lots of goodies, all recycled! This is what she made me this time:

If you are starting with snailmail, don't let this intimidate you, this is CRAZY! :)
Janita is just awesome and you're really not expected to create something similar!

The other package was different, but just as fun. Irene really know what I love! I've been collecting keys. No specific reason, I just want to do something with them one day. Since you can't buy them (cheap), I've asked my snailmailers to send keys to me (which they don't use) and I've already have a small collection. Irene created a keys- and fairytale-theme snailmail for me. Loved it!

Do you see that little craft notebook with the prince and bunny picture on it? That's the letter! She actually filled the whole thing :) I also loved the postcard with the frog on it. Sorry mom! (she hates frogs)

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