Tuesday, 23 April 2013


It's been a few days since I blogged about the #aprilsnailmail, but they still kept coming in.. so I'm racing a bit, to catch up :) Here are the latest snailmails from lovely people!

This cute little letter came all the way from Malaysia. Thank you Cheryl!

This awesome (huge!) package came from Cheetarah (aka KittyDarknessDesigns or MissThundercat). She's an avid mailart-er and I loved the envelope! And she also send me lots of kawaii goodies and information about other projects + interesting websites, thanks so much!

This is one of two Queensday-themed snailmails I got. This one is from Wendy (from Limmen), she was one of the participants (and winner!) in the Pattern-giveaway. She made two cute hama beads-snals with the Dutch flag. I love them! And I also love how simple, but very cool the envelope looks! #kuddos

From Bethany (Poetic Paper Post) I received some of her very cool mini magazines. I don't think it was for the April snailmail, but she thought I might like it (and I did!!!) Thank you :)

The second Queensday-themed snailmail was from Laura (from Oostknollendam). She sewed a sweet double border around the envelope, so awesome! Inside was a nice package of vintage and handmade goodies and a bag full of lavender. My room smells lovely now!

From Heleen (from Amstelveen) I got a handmade card, cool! I always love seeing other people's creativity! She read that I was collecting keys. She didn't have any (except for the ones she's actually using.. hihi) So she made me something instead. Thank you! She asked me to send her a Real Weird Animal back, for her project. I will! :)

Last, but certainly not last.. maybe even one of my favorites! An awesome airmail (themed) snailmail from Simone (from Berkel en Rodenrijs). She wrote that she loved to travel and paper, so this is the perfect combination! The letter was written on actual Air Mail paper, light weight. Also included were sweet stamps, addresslabel, tags, etcetera. Thank you very much Simone! :)

To whoever I haven't said it yet: thank you so much, I loved all the snailmails! Such diversity, but every time you can tell you took a moment and created something. That's what I imagine snailmail/creativity should be like. I'm a little bit behind, but I will try to write you all back soon!


  1. I hope my letter reach your mailbox in APRIL and not in MAY. I sent it on 8th April. Brrrr, mail from Morocco is soooooo sloooooow (really snail mail!).

    Thanks for sharing your mail. It inspires me!

  2. I received your Real Weird Animal, thank you so much!
    I blogged it here: http://realweirdanimals.blogspot.nl/2013/05/anke.html
    Hartelijk dank voor deze prachtige mail art, Anke!