Friday, 19 April 2013


I am so very happy I came up with this idea! My mailbox has never been this colorful! Every day I open it and there's something in it, I love it! :) Here are the ones I received last wednesday.

This one is from Erin (from Rijssen). She made lots of handmade goodies I recognized from Pinterest! :) The paper on the top left is a DIY lantern for a tea light, that's going to get a place in my new home, and I loved the map-tags with the neon round stickers!

The other one is from Saskia (from Haren), which was also a treat! I loved the memory-game tags and the card on the right bottom are two cards glued together and she wrote a little letter in it. What an original idea! The blue bag is filled with cards and pictures I'm surely going to use for my future snailmail!

Thank you both for the loveliness, I will write you back soon!

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