Tuesday, 5 March 2013


To celebrate 250 likes at Facebook, about 180 followers at Twitter, more than 340 at Instagram and selling at least 100 copies of the Snailmail Magazine, I’ve decided to do a DOUBLE FUN GIVEAWAY! Even though I’m not looking for world fame or think it’s so very important to get as many followers as possible, but it’s still a huge compliment! I really love how everyone get so excited and inspired. It’s what I wanted and apparently accomplished, awesome! So..

This giveaway is for everyone who, like me, loves snailmail. If you don’t, you can stop reading now ;) You don't have to be on Facebook or Twitter, anyone can enter! There are 2 ways you can enter:

I’m planning to create a sort of booklet, you can buy with the magazine (or separate) for your snailmail. This will be a small A4 magazine with various patterns. You can personalize them by coloring them and create envelopes, wrap little gifts or something else! It will be in the style of the Snailmail Magazine, so hand drawn and black-and-white. The booklet will be about 20 to 25 pages. I will draw part of it myself, but I thought it would also be fun to let 10 patterns be made by other people!

This is the first way you can enter the giveaway. Email (ankepankedesign/gmail) me a pattern, A4-size (like a sheet of printer paper), drawn with a black marker. Preferably scanned at a high setting, 300 dpi. Don’t know how to repeat a pattern? Not a problem. Email me the design and I will turn it into a pattern. Don’t have a scanner? Also not a problem. You can also mail it to me (Anke van der Meer, Geleenstraat 89, 6411 HX Heerlen, the Netherlands). You have until 20 march to send in a pattern.

After 20 march I will choose ± 15-25 of my favorites and then you can vote at Facebook (like=vote), I will upload the images. The 10 most liked will be printed in the booklet, with of course credit: your name, and if you have it, your website or blog. The winners will receive a copy of the booklet when it’s printed!

In a nutshell:
> Hand drawn pattern on a A4 sheet (find some inspiration here).
> One pattern per person.
> No theme, go crazy!
> No digitally created patterns please.
> Closing date: 20 march
> If you win, you will get a copy of the booklet!

Another way to win something is by buying something in the Snailmail Shop between 5 march and 12 march . I will randomly add something for free (a product from the shop) with 10 orders! This also applies to digital orders, then you will get a free stationery set or something like that.

Of course you’re invited to follow the blog, Instagram or Twitter, like Facebook, but this will not affect you winning chances.

I can’t wait to see what you’re all going to draw, good luck!

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  1. I love your blog! I recently acquired some penpals and your blog is perfect for inspiration! Keep up the amazing work!