Monday, 11 March 2013


I started my 'workday' (yes, this is my job.. but if I'm not going to an office, it feels a bit weird calling it a workday) with creating new Big Boxes of Fun. I sold the previous ones and got a new order.

Next I also created Mini Boxes of Fun. They're both some work, I try do fill them with fun and divers things plus I also have to keep my eye on the weight. But I enjoy it!

There was also an order for the handdrawn envelopes. While drawing I realized it was a bit too much of work, so I'm going to have them printed. For the moment, I've removed them from the shop, but I will let you know when they're back!

These are the orders I shipped today. The top one isn't very readable, but it says 'Jacoline van Lieburg'.

and maybe my favorite part, opening my mailbox.. I always do this after I've packed up all the orders, as a sort of reward and this time it was mail from Nikki Dotti! Yay :) The little paper baggies are goodies for myself, but the card and some other cuties will go in future Big Boxes of Fun!

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  1. That deer is adorable! I've found your blog through wreckthisgirl and I've ordered the snailmail magazine. How exciting! I only wish my handwriting was as lovely as yours.