Saturday, 2 March 2013


This week I got another amazing snailmail from Sandra (from Hip Gemaakt), you know, the one who inspired me to create the magazine :) She created something awesome again, just look at the envelope!

This is just so fun to find in your mailbox :)

I thought it would be fun to show you the rest of the snailmail in a way that it's also an instant DIY instruction. I (tried to) draw the snailmail!

Sandra took a vintage (or at least old, I never know when it's old or al ready vintage) children's book and wrote her letter in it. De cover was decorated with happy tapes and stickers. On the edges of the pages she also put tape, to create tabs. I don't think the had an actual purpose, but it looked really fun!

On some pages she taped in stationery and wrote part of the letter on it. These pages (actually, all of them) were decorated with tape, stickers, stamps, etcetera.

On the other pages she left the text alone and wrote around it, or around the illustrations. Very smart! This way she didn't have to fill up the whole book ;)

She also decorated illustrations (for example: there was a window with flowers and she added a garland, or drew a mustache and glasses on a little boy) and every now and again she wrote down little comments about the stickers or illustration. It must have kept me busy for at least an half an hour (and I read fast!). It looked really cool and it feels like a challenge to think of something else for her (al ready got something in mind ;))

Oh right! There was also a little bag with thrifted goodies, great! I don't really have a store nearby.

Because you probably only got curious from the drawings, I also took some pictures :)

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