Sunday, 17 March 2013


Today is a good day! I received two more amazing patterns! The lovely tea design on the left is by Anne Copier and the Deerest Fox on the right is by Nikki Dotti. It is going to be hard to choose from al these design, so very glad you are all going to help me with that :)

BTW: Nikki Dotti has an awesome Etsy shop. She's in the middle of rearranging everything, so she's offering some absurd discounts! You'd better go an check it out, before she's done! ;)


  1. The deer and fox is my favourite pattern. I JUST got your snailmail magazine in the mail yesterday and I opened it this morning.
    SO EXCITED!!! It's so awesome, and I only wish i had a steady hand like you. Your pattens and writing are just amaaaazing.

    1. Very happy to hear that! :)) And photoshop helps me, with the steady hand ;)