Tuesday, 12 March 2013


One of my favorite parts of Etsy is the personal feedback people leave. It can really help me as a designer and of course it's always great to read when people are happy with their purchase! Here are a few recent ones:

svuptivup ordered the Flower wrapping paper"Lovely paper, very quick response. WIll definitely buy from again. Thanks so much!" and also the Monster Greeting card"Card is great, printed on high quality carton. Thanks for all the surprise goodies, I loved them all, down to the cute kitty on the envelope, what nice surprises! Thank you so much! <3"

Rivka de Jonge ordered the 50 things to Do Book "I love this book, it's so cool and original! I love Anke's style. And her service deserves a thumbs up too!" and also the Snailmail Magazine.
"This is such a cool magazine! So inspiring! And Anke's service is great, thumbs up!"

Henderica ordered the Snailmail Magazine. "Fun tips (also advanced snailmailer), also fun stationery labels and templates (you can also create an envelop with the cover of the magazine!)."

Thanks for all your feedback guys, I really appreciate it.

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