Friday, 22 February 2013


Sometimes you find someone else online, who also creates fun things for snailmail-use. A little while ago I pinned the cute cloud-stationery at the printables board. The design was by Wreck this Girl. On Instagram I saw her same and immediately recognized her style! So cute! Of course I went to her website to check out what else she did and found out she offers many, many supersweet freebies! You can also subscribe to a monthly newsletter with exclusive printables. She offers various plans (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) and I'm seriously considering signing up!

But what I saw on Instagram was 'Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt' and this made me very curious.. Click and read, it sounds amazing! Unfortunately you can't sign up anymore, but I'm thinking that maybe.. when the busyness of the magazine will calm down a bit, I might initiate a similar project like that too (in the Netherlands)! So many plans, so little time.. :)


  1. Thanks a lot for this feature :) I've just found out about your blog but I love how ispirational it is, so it's really an honour to be in one of your posts!
    By the way, I'm totally buying your magazine, it look so cute!!

    Thanks again, and have a lovely day!

    1. Oh, that's a lot of compliments.. Thank you :D