Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I have been a busy bee last night. Wait, that’s the wrong animal..
Oh, never mind.. I’ve created another fun Snailmail product! This time a printable:

This is a little DIY snailmail magazine is a great addition to your letter. This is a fun way to tell more about yourself! You can write about your current situation, things that are precious to you and show your inspiration. Share what you’re smelling, seeing, touching and wishing. But there’s also room to tape your letter in there! If you buy the Snailmail Magazine you get this printable for free! Just add it in the ‘Note to Seller’ that you’d like one and I’ll email you the PDF!

Some pages in this printable are similar to the magazine, but there are other things too. And the best part is of course you can completely personalize it! Also included are instructions. How to print the file, how to bind it and what’s for what. This printable is available in English and Dutch, just choose the language before you add it to the cart. Don’t just print one for yourself, also include a blank one in the snailmail, so the receiver can send one back to you! And you can re use is whenever you like. Just wait a couple of weeks/months and I’ll bet you will fill out completely different things!

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