Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Yay! I've been wanted to share this with you for a while, but she didn't have any in stock, so it would only be a tease. But I just saw on Instagram that she created new ones, so I can tell you! Rebecca Horwood, an illustrator from Oxford is not only an amazing illustrator (love her work!), but also a journal writer.

As I understand it, she writes pages and pages and has piles of previous journals. Every page looks amazing, with her tiny handwriting and pictures she cuts out of everything and little drawings she does (view more pages at the Flickr). At one point she started to create journal starter kits, in her own words: "The idea for this kit came to me after I had been approached by a number of people asking what journal I use for my own journaling, what inspires my daily journal keeping and in some cases, whether I would create them a journal like mine to get them started. The answer to all these questions is right here, ready to go, in this little do-it-yourself kit.". These sets are of course also VERY suitable for snailmail, so I say: Go to her shop to get yours!

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