Friday, 22 February 2013


Yesterday I got a crazy snailmail package. A note to starting snailmailers: don't let this scare you, this is not a normal package, nor are you obligated to create something this elaborate. Of course you're welcome to, I bet the receiver will love it, just like I did, but just so you know: you don't have to.

This snailmail was from Janita, who (as you can see) loves to craft. This was a flat cardboard I could fold open. In it where all kinds of objects taped in. Everyone of them was funny, cute and perfect. I first took some pictures, to show you guys and next I started opening it.

There were so many goodies, it actually took some time to really look at everything.

Of course I loved everything, but my favorites were the little envelopes with a little paper crafted object in them. They were like little paper surprises! These kind of things are all about the enjoyment of opening them. You can then pass them on to someone else, but you don't really have to save them (unless you want to of course!). At least that's my point of view, I hope I'm not offending some right now :)

And maybe the best part, or at least a great detail!
(translation text: "this snailmail was created with 95% recycled materials!".

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